Smallest Soup Factory Organic Soup Soup Vegan Vegetarian

SmallestSoupFactory develops and produces organic soups and broths. Sustainable, tasteful, honest and nutritious: just the way soup & broth should supposed to be. Our soups are inspired by countries and cultures from all over the world and are cooked traditionally. In other words: we cook our soups and broths exactly the same as how you cook them at home in your own kitchen, but in much larger quantities!

The power of our chicken and beef bone broth

We use organic ingredients to increase the flavour of our broths. Did you know that we let our chicken and beef bone broth simmer for four days and nights? This way we create a powerful, tasty and concentrated broth. The perfect basic ingredient for all your home cooked recipes.

SmallestSoupFactory & Sustainability

Organic ingredients

When you think of SmallestSoupFactory you think of organic. By using organic ingredients in our soups and broths we hope to create a better world for our next generations.

Vegan Soups

By using as much plant based ingredients as possible, we hope to contribute to a more sustainable planet. More than 60% of all our soups are 100% vegan!

Solar energy

When you have an empty (and big!) roof you should use it for solar panels. And that’s exactly what we thought at SmallestSoupFactory. With the help of crowdfunding & zonnepanelenDelen (the biggest platfom in the Netherlands for solar energy outside your own home) we can proudly say we have 658 solar panels! With this solar energy we produce our organic soups. For every kWu created, 0,46 kilo CO2 emission is prevented. This day, Smallest Soup Factory reduces 65.000 kilo CO2 emissions every year!