When you think of SmallestSoupFactory you think of organic. By using organic ingredients in our soups and broths we hope to create a better world for our next generations.

Nutritious & Tasteful

Our goal is to produce the most tasteful organic soups and broths. Our nutritious and adventurous soups are inspired by countries and cultures from all over the world.


By using beautiful organic ingredients (most of them plant based!) and our 658 solar panels, we hope to contribute to a more sustainable planet.

SmallestSoupFactory develops and produces organic soups and broths. Sustainable, tasteful, honest and nutritious: just the way soup & broth should supposed to be. Our soups are inspired by countries and cultures from all over the world and are cooked traditionally. In other words: we cook our soups and broths exactly the same as how you cook them at home in your own kitchen, but in much larger quantities!

Our name SmallestSoupFactory is not without reason. With only 7 people working at the company we'd like to introduce our whole enthusiastic team to you!
Director Management CEO Michel Jansen Smallest Soup Factory

Michel Jansen

Managing Director

Founding Father of SmallestSoupFactory. Sees soup as a powerful means to connect people. Prefers to travel the world in search of new flavors.

Smallest Soup Factory Wigger Koops SmallestSoupFactory Kleinstesoepfabriek

Wigger Koops

Company Director

Works in the factory and makes sure there is a great ambiance every day.

Eerske van der Hoek Smallest Soup Factory SmallestSoupFactory Kleinstesoepfabriek

Eerske van der Hoek

Office Manager

Our office manager and jack-of-all-trades. THE point of contact for everyone. Photographer in her spare time, takes a lot of our photo's.

Nutritionist Smallest Soup Factory Emma Vroegop SmallestSoupFactory Kleinstesoepfabriek

Emma Vroegop


A nutritionist at heart. Knows what's healthy for us, but knows even better what's tasteful. Loves travelling the world to discover new cultures and cuisines.

Smallest Soup Factory Organic Soup Soup Vegan Vegetarian

Jack Hindriksen


Jack has been working for SmallestSoupFactory for many years. No one knows the secrets of our soups better than Jack does. If you want our opinion, this is the best soup chef of the Netherlands!

Smallest Soup Factory Organic Soup Soup Vegan Vegetarian

Marta & Gosia


These two power girls ensure us every day that the production of our soups goes perfectly.