By using beautiful organic ingredients and the 658 solar panels on the roof, we try to contribute to a more sustainable world for the next generations.

Nutritious & Tasteful

Our goal is to make the tastiest organic soups. The full-bodied, tasty and adventurous soups are inspired by distant lands and prepared according to traditional artisan production methods


Real soup takes time: the onions themselves are fried at a low temperature for at least 24 hours, resulting in a tasty onion stock that adds flavor and serves as the basis for our soups.

In Groningen (the Netherlands), 8 people cook in a traditional way and with a lot of dedication the organic soups and broths, because real soup takes time. Soup the way you make it at home but in a larger soup kettle: with real organic ingredients & powerful herbs & spices. Without E numbers or unnatural seasonings. Did you know that we have no fewer than 31 different flavors? From the typical Dutch pea soup to the slightly spicy one Thai Khao Soi: a favorite for everyone!

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